Tommy Talker

Where are the t-shirts? When are they coming?
Where are you? When are you coming back?
Where are you from? When are you going to pick up your friend?
Where are you going? When are you leaving?
Where are you going to go? When are you moving?
Where can I buy tickets? When did this happen?
Where can I exchange US dollars? When did you arrive in Boston?
Where can I find a hospital? When do we arrive?
Where can I mail this? When do you arrive in the United States?
Where can I rent a car? When do you get off work?
Where did it happen? When does he arrive?
Where did you go? When does it arrive?
Where did you learn English? When does it leave?
Where did you learn it? When does the bank open?
Where did you put it? When does the bus leave?
Where did you work before you worked here? When does the plane arrive?
Where do you live? When I went to the store they didn’t have any apples?
Where do you want to go? When is the next bus to Philadelphia?
Where do you work? When is your birthday?
Where does it hurt? When will it be ready?
Where does your wife work? When would you like to meet?
Where is he?Who
Where is he from? Who are they?
Where is it? Who is it?
Where is main street? Who is that?
Where is my shirt? Who sent this letter?
Where is she from? Who taught you?
Where is the airport? Who taught you that?
Where is the bathroom? Who was that?
Where is the bus station? Who was your teacher?
Where is there a doctor who speaks English? Who won?
Where is there an ATM? Who would you like to speak to?
Where is there an ATM? Who’s book is that?
Where were you? Who’s that man over there?
Where would you like to go? Why
Where would you like to meet? Why are you laughing?
Where’s the closest restaurant? Why arent you going?
Where’s the mail box? Why not?
Where’s the nearest hospital? Why did you do that?
Where’s the pharmacy? Why did you say that?
Where’s the post office?
Which is better? Which school does he go to?
Which one is better? Which is better the spaghetti or chicken salad?
Which one is cheaper? Which is the best?
Which one is the best? Which one?
Which road should I take? Which one do you want?

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