Tommy Talker

I agree I like Italian food
I ate already I like to watch TV
I believe you I live in california
I lost my watch I came with my family
I love you I made a mistake
I trust you I can’t hear you
I made this cake I can’t hear you clearly
I only have five dollars I feel good
I only want a snack I forget
I remember I give up
I understand I got in an accident
I understand now I hope you and your wife have a nice trip
I know I usually drink coffee at breakfast
I wish I had one I like her
I like it
I'd like
I’d like to go for a walk I’d like to go to the store
I’d like a non smoking room I’d like to go home
I’d like a room I’d like to go shopping
I’d like to make a phone call I’d like some water too please
I’d like a table near the window I’d like to make a reservation
I’d like to send a fax I’d like to buy a bottle of water please
I’d like to rent a car I’d like to buy something
I’d like to use the internet
I don't
I don’t care I don’t mind
I don’t feel well I don’t speak very well
I don’t have any money I don’t think so
I don’t have time right now I don’t understand
I don’t know I don’t understand what your saying
I don’t know how to use it I don’t want it
I don’t like him I don’t want that
I don’t like it I don’t want to bother you
I have
I have pain in my arm
I have a cold I have three children two girls and one boy
I have a headache I have one in my car
I have a lot of things to do I have to wash my clothes
I have a question I want to ask you I haven’t been there
I have a reservation I haven’t finished eating
I have money I haven’t had lunch yet
I’ll be right back I’ll pay
I’ll call back later I’ll pay for dinner
I’ll pay for the tickets I’ll call you when I leave
I’ll take it I’ll come back later
I’ll take that one also I’ll have a cup of tea please
I’ll talk to you soon I’ll have a glass of water please
I’ll teach you I’ll have the same thing
I’ll tell him you called I’ll give you a call
I’m just kidding I’m just looking
I’m leaving tomorrow I’m a beginner
I’m lost I’m not afraid
I’m a teacher I’m married
I’m not american I’m not busy
I’m bored I’m not going
I’m cleaning my room I’m not married
I’m cold I’m not ready yet
I’m coming right now I’m not sure
I’m coming to pick you up I’m OK
I’m fine and you I’m on hold
I’m ready I’m sorry
I’m full I’m self employed
I’m getting ready to go out I’m sick
I’m going home in four days I’m single
I’m going to go have dinner I’m thirsty
I’m going to leave I’m tired
I’m good I’m very busy
I’m good and you I’m very busy I don’t have time now
I’m happy I’m very well thank you
I’m here on business I’m waiting for you
I’m hungry I’m worried too
I’m going to bed
I need
I need a doctor I need to change clothes
I need another key I need to go home
I need some tissues I need to go now
I need this to get there by tomorrow

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