Tommy Talker

Can youCan I
Can you call back later? Can I access the internet here?
Can you carry this for me? Can I borrow some money?
Can you do me a favor? Can I bring my friend?
Can you fix this? Can I have a glass of water please?
Can you give me an example? Can I have a receipt please?
Can you help me? Can I have the bill please?
Can you hold this for me? Can I help you?
Can you please say that again? Can I make an appointment for next wednesday?
Can you recommend a good restaurant? Can I see your passport please?
Can you repeat that please? Can I take a message?
Can you show me? Can I try it on?
Can you speak louder please? Can I use your phone?
Can you swim?
Can you translate this for me?
Can you throw that away for me?

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